The Florida Permaculture Convergence


Gate Registration :  Friday 3pm-8pm, Saturday 7:00am-8:30am, Sunday 7:00am-8:30am

C A S H    O N L Y


Since 2013

we have hosted annual statewide gatherings,

for people to network and deepen their knowledge of permaculture.

This year the event will be held for the third time at Kashi Ashram, in Sebastian Florida

November 30 through December 2, 2018

Many of us – especially those interested in permaculture & sustainability – believe that we’re all connected… that everything is interconnected.  And yet our modern way of life seems to disconnect us from nature and from each other.
So… we try to increase our positive impact on other beings and reduce our negative effects…even with unintended consequences. 
How do we reverberate with the universe? 
How do we close the loop with our actions & relationships? 
Whence does our food come & where does our garbage go?
From where does soil fertility come? How do we fit in the nutrient cycle?
Does flushing a toilet close the loop? 
Where are we in the hydrologic cycle? 
Where do we get our daily electricity and gasoline and what are their effects? 
Nature shows us there is no waste. 

At FPC 2018 we want to learn about our role in ecology and closing the loop of materials & energy in our daily lives. 

HOW do we connect with nature?

 Join us for the Sixth Annual Florida Permaculture Convergence

Where we will journey to the center of permaculture!

Full Event – includes all presentations, activities, meal plan and camping




Gate pricing: Adults $148.00 — Children (over 12) $50.00
(Children 12 and under free)
Day Pass (includes one day of presentations, activities, and meal plan)
Adults – $60.00 – Children (over 12)  $40.00


Kids Village

This years kid program will be sure to spark a fire of creativity in all our little tinder bundles.
There will be many classes offered for children of all ages, as well as a kids space (barn) for free/quiet play.