Communal Kitchen 

As we did in 2019 Plan to share Fire, Kitchen and Food as a community.  Each person is responsible for bringing and preparing there own food but are welcome to join in this communal kitchen sharing event.

How this works:

#1 Bring a Prepared dish for Friday night Potluck. Enough for your party and a little extra in case someone did not bring anything. 

#2 Bring raw Food enough to cover your self and party the weekend: Rice, pasta, grains, beans, produce, oils, onions, garlic, peppers, staples, salad fix ins, oatmeal, fruits, herbs, bread.

#3 Bring Your own Eating Bowl/Plate/cup and eating utensils ( maybe an extra in case someone forgot)

#4 Volunteer in the kitchen offer to help clean and prepare. Kitchen will have a small team that will lead and guide as we make oatmeal, soups, Salads Etc.

#5 Coffee and tea will be provided

#6 As a Community we come together and create some amazing food and memories!!