Kids Program

In December 2022 the Permaculture kids program has new organisers and an expanded progaming.  As in year past all humans are welcome in the programing but we ask that kids that are not ready to self regulate within a group be accompanied by a parent.

Emma Mujica & Zyon Christante will lead this year’s children’s program. Parents of 3 girls, they’re passionate about conscious parenting. They have experience with nature-based youth programs and have been integrating ancestral parenting styles into their community and family life.

They will weave in a “kids council” into the program which will give children a sense of belonging, purpose, and responsibility. Older youths, ages 10-18 are welcome to join as peacemakers or junior leaders. Within this framework, Emma and Zyon will

create sacred agreements with the kids to promote peace and harmony within the community.

The basic agreements will be “peace with all”, “respect for all”, and “all as one.” At the first kids’ council circle, children will

have an opportunity to voice their sacred agreements, as well.

Planned activities for the weekend include dance, music, nature mandalas, art, nature walks, fairy gardening, nature scavenger hunts, and outdoor games. Children will also have an opportunity to learn from teachers, artisans, and creators during dedicated times. Finally, kids will have an opportunity to showcase their creations and findings during the morning circle on Sunday.

Sessions for kids:

  • Non Violent Plant protection – David Ahlgren
  • How to stay safe and be in harmony in nature – David Ahlgren
  • Yoga – Amy
  • Song Circle – Amy
  • Arts and Crafts – Rachel
  • How to care for plants – Rachel
  • Plant walk – Rachel
  • The Lorax – Alex Howe
  • Kids Fire making – Trice
  • Play /Music – Zyon/ Emma/ Lilian
  • Salad making 
  • Fresh Orange Juice Making
  • Eating walk 
  • Kids council Ground rules – what do kids want to teach?
  • Kids leaders/ Assistants 
  • Beekeeping 
  • Goats

Emmanuela (Emma) Mujica is a fierce & tender mama, manager,educator and entrepreneur. She’s a strong woman on a lifelong
healing journey. Emma is inspiring, passionate, authentic, and engaging. She considers herself a “mompreneur” because she’s learned to balance motherhood with creative entrepreneurial pursuits.

Through the decade-long quest to find relief from an autoimmune condition, she found her greatest gift, which is her true calling: to help people heal. Emma is passionate about sharing tools and techniques to help others to holistically achieve symptomatic
remission from chronic conditions. You can find out more about her at Emma has worked at nonprofits developing and leading special projects. She has created and delivered impactful health and leadership programs for urban youth, wellness coaching for adults, and Spanish language learning and nature programs for children. She and her husband are currently creating Wellspring Village, a community of families supporting one another to thrive naturally.
When Emma isn’t managing or mothering, she can be found listening to podcasts, practicing
yoga, dancing, crafting, or traveling for fun! Emma lives in sunny Gulfport, FL, with her young
daughters, their puppy, and her beloved partner Zyon