Kids Program

We are excited to announce our upcoming Kids Permaculture Program on Saturday December 9th. This is a unique opportunity for kids to learn about sustainable living practices, while having fun in an outdoor setting.

The program will run from 9am -12 pm, 1pm- 2pm, and 4pm – 5pm and will cover a range of topics, including composting, growing vegetables, and caring for bees. Essentially there will be a kids village with classes that correspond with the adult classes. (6) 45 min sessions. The program has a facilitator and is not a drop off program. Please plan to attend classes with your kids, unless they can self regulate.

Children are welcome and encouraged to be part of the main progaming classes. We purpose to integrate and not segragate in all areas of programing. 

We look forward to seeing your child in our program and inspire them to be stewards of the environment.

Sessions for kids:

  • Yoga – 
  • Song Circle – 
  • Kids Fire making – Lonny
  • Play /Music – Brielle Águila
  • Salad making – Cristy
  • Fresh Orange Juice Making
  • Eating walk – Andy Firk
  • Kids leaders/ Assistants 
  • Beekeeping 
  • Goats
  • Non Violent Plant protection – David Ahlgren

Kids Program Point Person:

Brielle Águila is a permaculturist, medicine musician, forager, intentional mother , Waldorf gardening teacher and Earth guardian who resides in South Florida on Tequesta Land. Tree Standing is a Permaculture designer, Master Forager, Herbalist , conscious recording artist, and a master coconut tree climbing / harvester! Brielle and Tree help people in their commUnity turn their yards to “ yardens “ through designing and installing food forests sourced from their backyard nursery. They are consistently propagating perennial , edible & medicinal plants to help feed the pollinators , the soil and the people. They host an event monthly in Florida called “ Permaculture Paradise “ where people can come learn and take action together to help create a regenerative culture in different lands around Florida. They also host nature children’s classes, foraging walks, composting classes, cacao medicine music ceremonies, and a vegan market in their backyard. They offer wild -foraged fresh coconuts and locally crafted herbal medicine to their commUnity and will at our event as well! They’re organization is called “ Everything Earth Tribe” Follow their offerings and stay connected at @remembering_source & @tree_standing & everythingearth tribe