2022 Florida Permaculture Convergence

 Fri, Dec 9, 2022, 12:00 PM, Floral City, FL

Where the Wild Things Are: The magic of rewilding with nature!

 Three days of immersive workshops, engaging speakers, seed & plant sharing, and so much more!

Day Pass

$50 Friday $80 Saturday $60 Sunday

Full Weekend

With Camping  DAY OF EVENT  Price $150


Vision for 2022 Convergence 

-We invite you to join us on a path of re-wilding with nature.  As the world hurtles forward into merging with our phones, our computers, and technology we choose to step back and explore natural Florida and what it means to live connected to our natural environment.  This is an immersive weekend beginning with Friday, a day of building community organically and concluding with a keynote speaker. Saturday we will spend the day learning hands on in the Earth Village.  This is a place where Earthskills meets homesteading.  A day where you can learn to make and use native plant medicine, explore natural beekeeping, and try your hand at natural building techniques and much more.  This is Waldorf for adults, an entire day of getting your hands dirty and engaging with others.  Sunday is an exploration in plants.  A day where we dive deep into both natives and non-natives.  Where we learn how to grow, manage, and harvest what is around us as well as what we can add to our environment that gives us the highest value for our time.  The weekend also includes farm to table meals, yoga in nature, trade blanket, music, fire art and more.  Join us  Fri, Dec 9 -11, 2022,  Floral City, FL

Skills Village will be a all day event Saturday featuring a village full of small skills classes all day.  Schedule Here – 

Camping will be in nature with lots of options both semi secluded and together with others. You will likely be able to pick a fresh citrus just feet from your tent. 

Communal Food Kitchen –Like we started 2019 each person will be coming with their own food to share equally in a communal kitchen of abundance. Click here for more on the food.  

Learn– For our main learning session we selected voices in the community on a wide range of subjects.  Featured Voices  Click here

CarpoolClick here to sign up your car or find a ride

Sign a Waver Now!-  Before the event every person must fill out a waver -CLICK HERE-

What to bring listCLICK HERE

Other Scheduled Adventures:

  • Micro Talks (4 minutes Each) Ted talk style  (Apply Here)
  • Featured Music 
  • Trade Blanket Ceremony  (Please Read instructions here)
  • Regional Round-UP (Meet people in your area)
  • Camp fire
  • Plant Talks (4 minutes Each) Ted talk style (Apply Here)
  • Plant & Seed Swap
  • Daily Yoga

Other Event Activities:

  • Bring your own kayak or canoe to paddle the fresh water canal and nature preserve that borders the property
  • Hike the gorgeous trails of Wonderfield farm along ancient oaks and cypress swamp
  • Harvest your own citrus daily
  • engage with the Wonderfield cows and chickens
  • Buy, Sell and Trade at our Open maketplace 

Countdown to Event