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Urban Harvest

"Sponsored Need based Scholarships for the 2022 FPC"

The Urban Harvest was created by Elise Pickett in 2014 to help others cultivate a more sustainable home and healthy diet by teaching them about growing their own vegetables at home. Her journey to healthy eating and growing her own food began when she learned about our current food system and the impacts that it has on our health. The more she learned, the more she realized the personal changes needed to be made in her life. She and her family cleaned up their eating habits and began to grow a portion of their own veggies. Their interest and love for the good food movement continued to grow as they learned and took classes on composting, worm composting, raising chickens, vegetable gardening, microgreens, and aquaponics.



Florida Farm Finder

Florida Farm Finder


Florida Farm Finder has built a community of 20,000+ members includes farmers, growers, ranchers, fishermen, nurseries, rare fruit hunters and consumers just like yourself, seeking the best that Florida has to offer all year round. Florida Farms are Kind of a Big Dill!

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