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Florida Farm Finder has built a community of 20,000+ members includes farmers, growers, ranchers, fishermen, nurseries, rare fruit hunters and consumers just like yourself, seeking the best that Florida has to offer all year round. Florida Farms are Kind of a Big Dill!

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Sun to Soul - Photography and Apothecary

Born and raised in former Yugoslavia, I am a self-thought photographer who now lives in St. Petersburg, Florida. The passion for travel was instilled in me at a young age. My adventurous spirit and love for nature immersed me in an environment of creativity and curiosity from the start. Traveling is when I feel most inspired and challenged. Learning pieces of a new culture, getting lost in winding cobblestone streets of Dalmatia, sharing with the locals, and taking in every scent, sound, and taste is when I feel most alive. The camera allows me to capture and share these moments with friends and strangers. 


After leaving an eight-year bedside nursing career, the opportunity to create a life in this way has allowed more room for patience and a deeper connection to the elements of my own inner landscape as well as the spaces that surround me.  After years of contributing to and participating in community events around the country, the journey of photographing these gatherings has been the most nourishing and inspiring. I feel honored to be here with you all, this year, capturing the Permaculture Convergence for the third time. When I’m not behind the lens, I enjoy biking around town with my partner Scott, swimming in the nearby springs, cooking and preserving our yarden abundance, creating a new product for my herbal SuntoSoulApothecary, and spending time in our wildlife habitat.