The Florida Permaculture Convergence was formed to create space for collaboration and celebrating the practice of permaculture. Our goal is to encourage beneficial relationships, and extend positive influence to future generations through principles of ecology by design.

These principles are the time-tested expressions of what works in nature and have been shared with us by people groups past down and observed over time. 

  FPC is maintained and organized by Earth Collaborative, a non for profit organization whose board of directors is made up of practitioners in permaculture who have a passion for bringing this important work to community in Florida:

Cristy Abbot, Miriam Cornell, Shanti Pierce, & David Ahlgren

Past Board Members:

David Warfel, Michelle Deborah, Terry Meer, Tom Carroll, Tara Lynn Hubbard, Jenny Nazak, Ed Boardman, Wendell Martinkovic, Nancy Dwyer

Community Standards for Conduct:

    1. Conflict Resolution: it is expected that each member of the event resolves conflict in a peaceful way. Event planners will do their best to provide resources for mediation and nonviolent communication.
    2. Kids: In the planning of the event we purpose is to fully integrate children as equals in the festivities and learning. We do expect that children that can’t self regulate, be accompanied by an adult until they can.
    3. Pets: No pets are allowed at the event.
  • Safe Space expectations:
    1. Respectful speech, action, and intention to maintain a space of integration and community.
    2. Honor consent in all human interactions, without assumption, and aim to create a safe space for all
    3. Consider and honor consent within the reality of power dynamics, including but not limited to, gender, race, culture, age, position of authority, etc.
    4. Alcohol and Drugs: This event is a sober space, No drugs or alcoholic drinks are not permitted within any spaces at the event.  Any smoking needs to be at a distance that does not influence others. Smoking is not permitted in the camping areas.

2023 Budget Allocation and Financial Summary

This is a snapshot as of 12/4/2023

Beginning balance 9000
total ticket sales 20000
2023 Allocated 20000
Estimated after event balance 13000
Budget Allocations %
Venue 8000 40.00%
Kitchen 4000 20.00%
Miscellaneous 1000 5.00%
organization fund 4000 20.00%
Speaker supplies and thank you gift bag etc 2000 10.00%
kids/art 1000 5.00%
TOTAL 20000

Note: Organizational fund is used for outreach yearly expenses and to save for investments needed in a new venue and have succession from one place in Florida to another.