From a seed of an idea, the intention to hold a statewide Permaculture Convergence in Florida sprouted, grew and bloomed in the spring of 2012. The FPC (Florida Permaculture Convergence) came to fruition in the months following an Edible Forest Garden design course in Homestead taught by Eric Toensmeier and hosted by Earth Learning. As the course was coming to a close, some of us decided that we wanted to see the many knowledgeable, fun people we met there more often! Sheryl Dutton, Tia Silvasy, Jason Long, Natasha Montesharei and Judith Gulko among many others, saw the potential to build a strong network of permaculturalists in our region and decided to work together to make the first FL Permaculture Convergence a reality just a few months later.


1st Annual FPC at Wallaby Ranch

Our first gathering in 2013 was the result of the right people coming together, with the right combination of energies and it was nourishing! Naturally, we wanted to do it again. Each year since, the FPC has changed form and focus to suit the perceived needs of the community, our organizing team and those of the site. As we all know well, life is constantly changing and flowing in new directions. Energy is always cycling and renewing to meet whatever needs arise.

2nd Annual FL Permaculture Convergence

2nd Annual FPC at H.E.A.R.T. Village

So it’s only fitting that a new group of organizers come together this year to visualize and plan the next FL Permaculture Convergence in 2016! This dynamic group of individuals is already linked up and excited to make it happen. Matt Hunter, Tom Carroll and Terry Meer are among those who have stepped forward! It was a smooth transition to a new committee led by founding FPC organizers Sheryl Dutton and Judith Gulko (who will both be stepping back this year) and Loretta Buckner (who will stay on). The FPC will in fact continue under new leadership and with renewed direction in 2016.

2015 FL Permaculture Convergence

3rd Annual FPC at H.E.A.R.T. Village

We are happy to announce that the 4th Annual Florida Permaculture Convergence will take place at Kashi Ashram in Sebastion on November 18-20, 2016! More details to follow. 

A final note…

I’ve greatly enjoyed co-organizing the FPC each year and watching how our statewide network of permaculture designers, teachers and enthusiasts has grown! Now, as my involvement with the organizing committee is coming to an end, I wanted to thank everyone that I’ve had the honor of meeting and working with over the years, may that continue! Thanks for the friendship, for the many lessons and opportunities. I look forward to attending future permaculture convergences throughout the state and fully support the efforts of the new organizing team who are keeping the fire burning!

See you around!