Immersive Workshop 

Site Planning Tools and Techniques, Water and Earthworks, and Utilizing the power of bamboos 

Come together in Abundance Through Connection to learn, share, and connect on the land. Learn more about this event below…


This immersive workshop is perfect for the novice to the expert – those who want to begin learning, or enhance and expand the knowledge they already have.

Scott Bitterli, Innovative Housing + Permaculture Design Consultant.

IMMERSIVE WORKSHOP OFFERING: Site Planning Tools and Techniques:

Scott will introduce the basic concepts of permaculture and how those apply to the design and planning process of homesteads and urban farm/garden sites.

A little more about Scott:

My background and passion is in design, urban agriculture and community development. I received my Permaculture Design Certificate (Urban Focused) in 2020 from Grow Permaculture after learning from our Florida Permaculture and Earthskills Communities for many years. Since 2005, I’ve designed home and community gardens, assisted in the creation of eco-minded co-housing organizations/properties, organized festivals focusing on tiny homes and other innovative housing solutions, and served as a board member on local non-profits and community organizations.


  • Managing Director of Ivy Group Consultants
  • Chair of Suncoast Sierra Club Conservation Committee
  • VP of Central Oak Park Neighborhood Association
  • Board Member of St. Petersburg Sustainability Council

David Ahlgren –  Restoration Ecologist, Water Flow Choreographer, Permaculture Educator and coach.

IMMERSIVE WORKSHOP OFFERING: Water and Earthworks Workshop

Observation, Design and Installation of Water and Nutrient Flow

David will guide us as we explore the patterns of nature within water and earth flow within a design. We will share observations, and as a group discuss design and installation methods.  We will then install a few small earthworks projects that we feel will have harmony and abundance within the system. 

About David:

Born in the Jungles of the island of Guam, David takes a “Natures the Teacher” Approach to all of his Play/Work in Permaculture. Listening and observing the patterns of nature, sharing what he sees with the world and coaching systems into abundance. Second to being a student of nature, David was a student of and mentored by Geoff Lawton.  David received his PDC from Permaculture Research Institute in Australia.  After years of research and development on his 120 acre farm in Oklahoma, David Now travels the world, Teaching and consulting in permaculture. David specialises in large scale land restoration projects, many of which are focused on water and nutrient flow. David also is focusing half of his work now on discussions and research on permaculture of how we can relate as humans in more harmony. 

David believes Permaculture is not about what we know, it is about us realizing, we know very little, and constantly stopping and soaking in all of nature in every moment, then dancing in harmony.

Shanti Pierce

IMMERSIVE WORKSHOP OFFERING: Create your dream homestead utilizing the power of bamboos 

Functional uses of bamboos in the landscape.  How to utilize bamboo in your permaculture design to create wind breaks, reduce soil erosion and more.

About Shanti:

Shanti has been working with bamboo since the mid-90’s. She moved to Florida to work for Walt Disney Imagineering as their bamboo and ornamental grass specialist on the Animal Kingdom Project and following that project began her own farm. She became interested in the medicinal uses of bamboo and pioneered the use of bamboos for teas and supplements in 2008 when she began her company Bamboo Leaf Tea. She has since become a bamboo nutraceutical specialist using all of the parts of the plants to make medicines and speaks globally on the topic to promote the use of bamboo. “Health and wellness should be available to all people and the massive potential availability of bamboos along with their high mineral content allow them to play a social equalizing role – knowledge of how to use them being the key, that is my job”

And you! Our goal is to approach education in a non-hierarchal fashion, as we understand that there is SO much to learn from educators and students alike. Your presence will be an integral part of this experience for all involved, as well as the land of Wonderfield Farm and


An immersive workshop opportunity

A full day of learning site planning, earth works, and bamboo!

With the tools from this workshop, understand the basics to begin your own design or get inspired to expand on what you’re already working on. Bamboo can be used for so many functions including windbreaks and soil erosions.  Let’s learn together how to use plants to solve site issues.

Tickets ONLY $25 

Transparent pricing –

$5 to food

$5 to materials needed for workshop

$5 to Florida Permaculture Convergence
$5 to facilitators / educators

$5 to Wonderfield Farm and Grove 


Saturday, September 25th.

9am – 3pm

12pm – 1 pm Lunch- we will be providing a vegetarian meal with bamboo tea 

Option to arrive early on Friday, September 24th to stay the weekend at Wonderfield. You’re welcome to stay Saturday night as well!

Learn more about the accommodations offered onsite – ranging from primitive camping to gorgeous cottages here:


 Wonderfield Farm and Grove Floral City, FL * Exact address shared with all paying attendees