Following the success of the 2016 convergence, our team considered what the money we generated could best be used for – we had cleared $1000 following expenses and our operating budget. The answer was not far from sight! Right there in our purpose and the reason for success at each convergence was community. Building community is our agenda and taking cues from nature itself, our thoughts turned to local action and resources.


Why not give the money back to fund local projects? We also want to do this in a way the entire state will benefit.


Thus was born our concept for a grant endowment program. It would be awarded by community to fund local projects. We would ask each awarded group to share their journey from design to installation and completion. We would document this process on our website, so everyone could follow along.


In the summer of 2017 we commenced the program by accepting applications for the grants. The applications would then be voted on by community, the winner and runners-up announced at the annual event.




Here is how it works again this year:


You or your group will write a brief description of your project, including as many aspects and details of your visioned purpose in its design, as you feel is necessary to communicate what you want to do.

Grant application coming soon.

Vote for your favorite projects, and follow as the awards unfold.

Thanks to everyone, for participating and being a part of this!    





FPC 2017