These panels will be with leading experts on Florida agriculture and permaculture practices

Healthy Ecosystems

How can we go deeper protecting, healing and enhancing the health of our local ecosystems while creating abundance in our lives? Let’s increase our capacity to do this, together. We will discuss land access, support networks for regenerative farmers and others who are healing the land, increasing local food capacity while caring for ecosystems, and creating more resilience, for both people and planet.

Strategies for intensive, regenerative agriculture in Florida

How do we maximize the yields of our gardens and farms on many levels, by deepening our relationship with and understanding of the land we are working with? Working with nature, we will discuss basics of choosing the best plants for your land, edible and medicinal plants that thrive together, creating food systems that will last, and strategies to protect your crops from Florida-unique challenges. We will touch on yields other than food – wildlife, watershed, community, financial and more, with inspiring examples.