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Registration includes camping, all scheduled activities and presentations.

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Catered food has been a part of the convergence since our 2nd annual event. This year the food plan will be BYO, with a community dining area.

Along with this we will provide a community kitchen where water,  several fire pits and stoves, a beverge station and ice will be available for a $10 donation.

Our hope is that the reduced registration making the event BYO food will be appreciated and an opportunity to share kitchen and cooking facilities will foster community.

All campers are welcome to bring their own stoves, coolers and dining accomodations  to have at their own campsite as well.

Friday evening a salad bowl pot luck is planned; stay tuned at Facebook and watch for a welcome letter email with further details.

Lodging is availableSave

12 Unique Presentations by Teachers and Practitioners in Florida

Our Keynote will be given by Laura Oldanie


One of the least discussed petals of the permaculture flower is finances and economics. Let’s start changing that! We will explore how permaculturalists can harness our natural inclination towards resilience and regeneration to establish a solid financial foundation in our lives and in our communities that respects the planet and is part of the solution.

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David Ahlgren

New Human Patterns of Abundance through Permaculture

* * *

Koreen Brennan

Permaculture Solutions for Climate Change

Climate change is a major topic of conversation these days. What are the most successful strategies permaculturists are using to address it? How can you get more involved?

We will share some key projects and strategies for resiliency on individual, community and regional levels, and some exciting action plans for the future.

* * *

Terry Meer

Putting Permaculture into Action

Planting guide for the Zone 00 garden:

Explore Zone 00 through the lens of Permaculture to develop tools you can use to be present, manifest joy,  and truly live in the moment.

This discussion will use the principles and techniques commonly called sacred ecology to help you design an inner landscape of abundance.

As the gardens within begins to flourish, the world around you will begin to reflect the fertility. We will cover topics including community, nature connection, and bio-mimicry

* * *

Andy Firk – Plant Walk

Andy has been to Wonderfield Farm & Grove and knows it well –  a land and people he loves very much..  He will lead a wild edibles plant walk and include a inventory of the plants onsite to provide as a checklist handout. Rare beauties on this land include edible Brooklime, Frostweed, Red Bay, Mignonette Orchid, and many more!

ALSO : Slideshow of ..  25 wild edibles through 25 years of foraging Florida – How to prepare them!

* * *

Jungle Jay Hardman – Land Tenure

This topic is of great importance perpetuating efforts to develop regenerative environment, regenerative society and  sustainable economics.

Jungle Jay proposes a relaxed and open forum for discussing experience, issues, both failure and success
conserving physical, spiritual, and economic investments that they last through time.

Tour of PC in Action – at Wonderfield –

with David Ahlgren

Jillian Ross – Fermentation

* * *

Juliane Minkos – Food as Medicine

Using easy-to-grow and forage plants in Florida to improve digestion & gut flora.

* * *

Albert Risenberg – Treatment Free Beekeeping

There is a grassroots movement in Beekping to move away from the use of miticides, antibiotics, and supplements allowing bee’s to be bee’s. Using wild brood in our apiaries, and allowing Queens to be naturally fertilized. Using natural selection to strengthen our hives, so bee’s can evolve to meet today’s challenges.

Medicines derived from Honeybees:

Honeybee hives contain a treasure trove of natural healing. From honey to the bee sting itself, there is a medicine chest of healing possibilities that are reemerging into our practices.

–  E  x  p  e  r  t    P  a  n  e  l  –

S o c i a l   P e r m a c u l t u r e

with Don Hall

Come learn from community leaders of Florida about their respective efforts to incorporate Permaculture ethics and design into community structures. You’ll hear about the many different forms that community living can take, how to start a project, and tips for: Growing from conflict, Cultivating harmony, inspiring collective action.

Community living can help us to realize the ethics of Permaculture in so many ways: Earth Care by conserving and sharing resources, turning our yards into food forests, and building soil; People Care by supporting and lifting each other up, and serving as a model of cooperative culture; and Fair Share by significantly reducing living expenses, as well as catalyzing the birth of new social enterprises and gift economies.

Novus Community House in Sarasota, the Hummingbird Hideout in Gulfport, the Ecovillage and St. Peace House in St. Petersburg, and the Peanut Butter Palace in Orlando join Don in this discussion

* * *

Grandma Koko

Planning for the Permaculture Community

Permaculture as a lifestyle gets better living with others in a village or settlement. For less money than one single family home a ten acre permaculture community could be initiated to provide home and work ‘right livelihood’ for as many as 100 people.

R e g i o n a l   N e t w o r k i n g

 Meet your community !

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Site open 3:00pm

(email   to request any other accomodation)

Arrive, set up camp, mingle & stroll Wonderfield

5:30: Community Salad Bowl Pot Luck

7:30 – Welcome






Keynote, Laura Oldanie 7:00






Grant Awards: 2:30

Regional Roundup



All further activities and presentations and classes times to be announced when finalized

“We are the stewards of the Earth – we love our planet!”