Permaculture In Action

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Registration includes tent camping, meal plan, and all scheduled presentations and workshops.

Indoor lodging options are also available, through Kashi. Contact them direct by phone: 800-226-1008

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12 Unique Presentations by Teachers and Practitioners in Florida  

(listing soon to come!)

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-Expert Panel-

ACTION, The Movement of Intent


R e g i o n a l   N e t w o r k i n g

= Know your community ! =

Kid Camp – Kids VillageSave

HANDS-ON WORKSHOP and tour of PC in Action – at Wonderfield –


Arrive, setup camp, mingle and stroll Kashi


7:00 pm Welcome to Kashi

8:30 (to be announced)

Lodging is availableSave

“We are the stewards of the Earth – we love our planet!”