Trade Blanket Ceremony:

This Trade blanket is a Trading space that is a cornucopia of Honor of people, time, earth, Exchange, laughter and abundance.  David Leads a modified version of the historic trade blanket tradition.  We all come together around a blanket, establish patterns of trade, take a moment to give thanks to the people and the earth and energy around us.  Speak our intentions that have a load of fun with our trades.  We use a pattern of trading boundaries that create community, honor each person and build a dance of consent and harmony between all.  All people are welcome even if you only want to trade a smile. We do ask that we dont bring currency of any kind and any items that are illegal locally.  We also ask that people try to be at the blanket during the opening, if you want to participate.  Watching quietly and rejoicing with each trade is welcome and encouraged. 

Remember when packing to Bring anything you have made or have to trade. We have had people offer land, food, hand made items, medicine, services, reiki, message, blessings…..