About Us

The Annual Florida Permaculture Convergence is an event to connect permaculture designers, teachers, organizers and enthusiasts throughout the Florida bioregions. We welcome individuals and families committed to creating a resilient Florida!

The intention of the Florida Permaculture Convergence is to create a space for Permaculturists throughout the region to gather, collaborate, discuss, teach, learn, and celebrate each others efforts. We aim to facilitate an enduring synergy that unifies our communities towards a more diverse and resilient future. The goal of the Florida Permaculture Convergence is to encourage beneficial relationships in our bioregions and to leave an increasingly positive impact on the land for future generations using permaculture principles and design strategies.

This years team of organizers include:  Terry Meer, Tom Carroll, Wendell Martinkovic and Cristy Abbot.

For more information, email:  contact@flpermacultureconvergence.org