2017 Grant Endowment Winner


PBP applied for a grant to install a centralized solar-powered energy bank to power pumps for their biodiversity pond, aquaponics, outdoor shower, and rainwater harvesting system. Funds were needed for solar panels, wiring, batteries, and building materials.

The objective of the project is to demonstrate a working model of solar technology and energy harvesting for community,  an important pillar of sustainability.


Peanut Butter Palace was awarded $600 as our Grant Award Winner


Peanut Butter Palace is a cooperative and intentional community nestled in suburban Orlando. Dreamers, Changemakers, Do-ers, their niche as a young suburban permaculture inspired home has been a strong point of relate-ability to those wishing to connect more with the land and themselves. They challenge the notion that a permaculture homestead is a farfetched idea, needing acres of land to start or that a do-it-yourself-mentality is necessary. In the words of Toby Hemenway, “A handful of people, properly organized, can drive enormous changes in a city’s dynamics.”

PBP’s humble beginnings started as a student living cooperative 4 years ago. They planted their first tiny banana trees (yes, with biochar!), put sweet potato slips in recycled pallet board boxes, and shoveled more manure than we can care to disclose to family and friends. Fast forward to 2017, they are a strong 6 member group of passionate, driven individuals. They helped organize the nonprofit Orlando Permaculture, an education and community empowerment group. In the last four years, they have held classes and themed parties (ferment parties!) to raise awareness and funds for their vision. They have invited many people into their home and shared many meals.

PBP is at a pivotal point in their story where they fondly see progress- and even more wild and exciting dreams to move forward.