Immersive Workshop

Practical Propagation

 Learn methods to expand your edible landscape through seeds, transplants, and cuttings. Learn more about this event below…


 This immersive workshop is perfect for the novice to the expert – those who want to begin learning, or enhance and expand the knowledge they already have.

Josh Milligan
Josh Milligan discovered the power of permaculture and has spent the past 3 years immersing himself in projects from Germany to Nicaragua learning permaculture principles and helping to implement them.  Josh is passionate about all funji and excited to share his experiences in growing as well as his vast knowledge of the kingdom.  

Josh will begin the day by leading us through a meditation – taking us through the fruiting bodies and deep into the mycelium – immersing us in the structure of mushrooms.  He will then lead a hands on workshop on inoculation.  

Intensive workshop on the wonders of fungi including an inoculation hands on component.

Kelli and Ryan of Seed the Stars

Kelli and Ryan of Seed the Stars are a Florida based seed company focused on raising organically grown seeds that thrive in the Florida landscape. 

They first met as Environmental Educators where they developed and led ecology based lessons. They found the outdoor center garden to be the best teaching tool, unveiling the connections we each have to the natural world.

After volunteering on a few farms in the states and abroad at a Permaculture farm in Nicaragua, they decided to pivot their careers from educators to focus on expanding their agricultural skills together.

Since then, Kelli has worked as an apprentice on an organic CSA farm, for a large ornamental greenhouse operation, and “A Natural Farm” an Edible Plant/ Fruit Tree nursery. She has received her Permaculture Design Certification in Florida through Grow Permaculture and is a Master Gardener in Lake County. Ryan has managed a large scale microgreens greenhouse and worked as a cultivation technician for a Florida Medicinal Cannabis company. Together they have combined experience as Market Gardeners in North Carolina, and assisted a citrus grove to transition their operation to vegetable production in Dade City, FL.

Ryan and Kelli create edible landscapes at their family and friend’s homes where they grow out and collect the best performing seeds. They find that partnering with plants to save their seeds not only produces an abundance of nutritious food and reliable resources, but creates a compassionate community focused on biological conservation. 

Kelli and Ryan fell in love with the constant opportunity for growth and knowledge in the garden and hope to share some strategies they have learned along their journey in their upcoming workshop.

Practical Propagation : Learn methods to expand your edible landscape through seeds, transplants, and cuttings.

    And you! Our goal is to approach education in a non-hierarchal fashion, as we understand that there is SO much to learn from educators and students alike. Your presence will be an integral part of this experience for all involved, as well as the land of Wonderfield Farm and


    An immersive workshop opportunity

    A full day of learning about mushrooms (mycelium), inoculation, and propagation!

    With the tools from this workshop, understand the foundation of mycelium, mushrooms, and how to inoculate your own to create a mushroom forest. Also, learn about how to create your own edible landscape and food forest by learning methods about propagating seeds, transplants, and cuttings.

    Tickets ONLY $25 

    Transparent pricing –

    $5 to food

    $5 to materials needed for workshop

    $5 to Florida Permaculture Convergence
    $5 to facilitators / educators

    $5 to Wonderfield Farm and Grove 


    Saturday, October 9th. 9am – 3pm


    8:30 – 9am arrive onsite EVENT BEGINS at 9am *please do not be late

    9 -11 Mushroom inoculation workshop

    11pm – 11:30pm Lunch:  we will provide a vegetarian meal with bamboo tea 

    11:45 – 3pm Practical Propogation workshop 

    Additional option to arrive early on Friday, October 8th to stay the weekend at Wonderfield. 

    Learn more about the accommodations offered onsite – ranging from primitive camping to gorgeous cottages here:


    Wonderfield Farm and Grove
    Floral City, FL

    * Exact address shared with all paying attendees