The Florida Permaculture Convergence

Since 2013

we have hosted annual statewide gatherings,

for people to network and deepen their knowledge of permaculture.

Our recent event of 2019 was held at WONDERFIELD FARM and GROVE

December 6, 7 & 8  2019

The expression of nature symbiotically yields abundance through a LIVING CULTURE.

Many of us, especially those interested in permaculture & sustainability believe that we’re connected and everything is connected..

And yet modernity has seemed to disconnect us from each other!

We want to increase positive influences and reduce the negative …especially where those effects have been unintended.
Education, research, & the development of knowledge has happened for a long time..
Permaculture as a philosophy has always been here, throughout history..

Now is the time to harvest from the rich past bringing knowledge into action. Our goal is abundance in ALL areas of life.

  In 2019 we focus on ACTION with the intent of cultivating a lifestyle that generates abundance – abundance not limited to pockets of community; but as regenerative systems that replicate across the planet.

We are excited about bringing you workshops to seed microcosms of this inevitable growth!