Since 2013 The Florida Permaculture Convergence has hosted an annual statewide gathering, allowing fellow permaculturists to network and deepen their knowledge of permaculture, for two full days.

This year the event will be held at Kashi Ashram in Sebastian Florida, November 18, 19 & 20, 2016

Woven through presentations, sharing, and learning
we offer the theme of THE INNER LANDSCAPE as a reflective backdrop for the gathering.

Permaculture, from its design principles to the shared ethics, is inseparably attached to an ability and willingness to view the world from a place of humility. An appreciation for the design and workings of the natural world combined with a desire to work with, rather than against nature are the touchstones of permaculture design. It is held together from a place of care – caring for wild ecosystems and caring for the health of the Earth and its people.

  • What brings about this inner landscape of right place and right action?
  • What’s necessary to maintain it?
  • What changes occur within ourselves to allow this fertile ground of caring to be spread?
  • What are our common barriers?
  • What solutions may be inherent within these barriers?
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